Dear Mr. Obama

I would like to tell you this personally, but I guess that will never be possible.

No doubt, I love America. Just as much as an American could, and I do feel American. Still, there are some things that I will never understand. One of these few peculiarities is the death penalty. I know you cannot interfere in state business and thereby you are not able to prevent the ongoings, but personally you are in favour of the death penalty anyways. How could a state possibly kill one of its citizens?

It is all about being judged on by your fellow citizens, and they decide whether one deserves to die for what one has done, or not. It probably keeps people from murdering, if they themselves could die, and therefore it might be an effectful measure of prevention. It might also be less expensive, considering all the costs of imprisonment.

I strongly  disagree with that way of going about things. You have heard all of the arguments against the death penalty, but it seems you still have not understood them. Though, the killing itself is easy the question of when to kill is far from being simple. Where should the line be drawn? When does someone cross the line? Does one have to kill, or is a “mere” abusement or rape, which certainly destroys lifes in a similar cruel way, enough to be sentenced to death?

This question is not one of Religion it is a question of Ethic. Do we want to make ourselves judges over life and death? Do we want to bear the responsibility that comes with that decision? I earge you and all of the American people to try to understand how senseless the death penalty is. Rather than helping righteous people to find relief and bringing justice, it raises hate again.

Leave that stubbornness behind!


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